Information empowers intelligent choices

Until now, market participants have not had access to accurate, timely, cost-effective information about the impacts of commodity production.

Xpansiv’s Digital Feedstock is a revolutionary, scalable data format that enables the seamless transfer of quantified, verified impact information, derived directly from source production data. For the first time, commodity market participants can value a multitude of previously invisible impact factors to make more informed decisions about the building blocks of our global energy and food systems.

Our platform leverages source data and emerging technologies to align economic, social, and environmental outcomes. The result is long-lasting impact through perfect market conditions; comprehensive production data is permanently etched in each commodity's Digital Feedstock file, ensuring transparency and accountability.


Improving production

Unrivaled clarity and analytics from real time operational intelligence creates insight into the production process, tied directly to source data.
  • Utilizes existing operational data
  • Offers simple, fast integration
  • Increases production efficiency
  • Ensures regulatory compliance

Creating new opportunities

Supply chain management alleviates risk for shareholders, customers, and regulators and enables the creation of differentiated product offerings.
  • Powers low-emissions strategies
  • Simplifies risk assessment
  • Optimizes financial planning
  • Provides quality assurance

Developing foundation of trust

Enhanced transparency and traceability across the entire value chain unlocks unprecedented value for commodities.
  • Framework for new asset class
  • Ensures verifiable data
  • Design for market functionality
  • Leverages new certification standards & monitoring systems

Commodity Producers We Serve

Natural Gas

Xpansiv shifts what's possible

We empower informed decision-making through real-time digital transparency. For producers, that means profiting from sustainable practices. For commodity consumers, it means they can procure immutable, data-driven certifications on the provenance and sustainability of the raw inputs to their supply chains. We're empowering everyone to demand values-driven products, offering a clear path to a sustainable future for us all.