Our Impact

Xpansiv was founded on the understanding that a prosperous future requires an efficient distribution of all forms of capital: human, natural, and financial.
Our platform leverages source data and emerging technologies to align economic, social, and environmental outcomes for a long lasting impact that creates perfect market conditions – Perfect Competition, Perfect Information, and Complete Markets.

The Problem

Though commodities sit at the base of every supply chain, there is "frozen liquidity" trapped within operational systems, resulting in isolated and inaccessible data. Moreover, massive reserves of production data do exist but have been costly to extract and refine.

Production data has historically lacked a centralized system that has lead to operational inefficiencies, incomplete information, and varied environmental consequences.


Impact on Global Commodity Markets


Improving Commodity Production

Unrivaled clarity and analytics from real time operational intelligence creates insight into the production process tied directly from the source.
  • Utilizes existing operational data
  • Simple and fast integration
  • Increases production efficiency
  • Regulatory compliance sufficiency

New Market Opportunities

Management of supply chain alleviates risk for shareholders, customers and regulators while creating new opportunities for differentiated product offerings.
  • Solution for low-emissions strategies
  • Risk assessment insight support
  • Optimizes financial planning
  • Provides quality assurance

More Insight to Intermediaries

Enhanced visibility coupled with machine learning forecasting assigns value to data to inform investors and increase trading opportunities.
  • Diversified products
  • Access of a new commodity class
  • Attributional profiles of Digital Feedstock™
  • Immutable, verifiable data

Commodity Producers We Serve

Natural Gas

Commodity Producers We Serve

Natural Gas

Xpansiv shifts what is possible when making informed decisions in real time with digital transparency of commodity production through the entire supply chain.

We’re just scratching the surface of learning how we can create a better global landscape for our future as we provide insights to those who can further shape a better tomorrow, today.

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