Monetize data. Quantify risk. Digital Feedstock.

The Xpansiv Registry is a secure platform for issuing, tracking, and retiring Digital Feedstock™, a transactable data format that connects commodity production systems and global markets. Digital Feedstock combines cryptography, data science, and distributed-ledger technologies to permanently link commodities to vital source data and secondary inputs as each commodity moves from creation to consumption.

This Registry empowers Xpansiv's mission of providing markets with complete and timely information about the provenance and environmental implications of the commodities at the base of global supply chains. The result is deeper analysis, improved efficiency, reduced risk, and smarter production. For the first time, it’s possible to purchase commodities according to a host of specific attributes—e.g. methane flaring, fracking, and CO2 for natural gas, or GMO, soil degradation, and land disturbance for agriculture.

Digital Feedstock enables producers to benefit from taking action to reduce climate impact, while enabling market participants to demand carbon-efficient products. The Xpansiv Registry is linked to CBL Markets, facilitating the secure, seamless transaction of commodities valued according to impact.

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For Producers

Now you can profit from reducing your environmental impact by creating certifiable, sustainable value in products with differentiated attributes—like low carbon, frack-free, clean water, etc.

  • • New market creation through product differentiation
  • • Unprecedented clarity/analytics
  • • Real-time operational intelligence


For Buyers

Commodity consumers can demand more environmentally sustainable commodities; from extraction to delivery, all relevant data are immutably captured to ensure the integrity of the system.

  • • Seamless risk management for shareholders, customers, and regulators
  • • New differentiated product offerings
  • • Solution for low-carbon strategies