Renewable Fuels
Use Case


The Problems:

Prior to Xpansiv, “Oil Major #1 manually processed all production data in its renewable fuels (RINs*) portfolio, which lead to:

  • Limited growth potential in the $16B Renewable Fuels Sector market share
  • High operational costs
  • Exposure to risks (financial, regulatory and reputational)
xpansiv feedstock mark

Xpansiv’s Solutions:


In working with Xpansiv to extract and refine its renewable fuels production data into Digital FeedstockTM, the Oil Major is:


Radically improving its manual RIN generation process

  • Lowering its operation costs
  • Creating the ability to offer a differentiated, lower risk product in the marketplace
  • Gaining the opportunity to expand supply in its RIN portfolio
  • Bolstering forecasting & trading strategies

Differentiate product in the marketplace and develop revenue based on unique production attributes

  • Applying learnings across the organization (CEO level acknowledgement and interest to application of the Xpansiv platform in Natural Gas and Aviation Fuels) based on downstream demand signals