Speaking Engagements

4C Health, Safety, and Environmental Conference

Austin, Texas | February 6-8, 2019

Keith will be speaking on a panel about investments and returns in methane-emission reductions at this conference, which brings together industry leaders, prominent subject experts, policy shapers, and decision makers to build a vibrant, interactive space for HSE professionals to learn from one another, advance their careers, and contribute to the shared goals of safety, compliance and education.


Katowice, Poland | December 3-14, 2018

The 24th Conference of the Parties (COP24) organized by the UN is a global summit where climate policy is negotiated by 190 countries, and where businesses, NGOs, and governments come together to assess the full range of technology, finance, sustainable development, urbanization, and other solutions to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. Jeff is representing Xpansiv at a wide range of events, including the Sustainable Innovation Forum focused on the clean energy transition and circular economy, roundtables on linking carbon markets and cooperative initiatives in aviation, and climate-smart advances in agriculture.

FortisBC Innovation Week

Los Angeles, CA | November 29, 2018

Peter will be speaking at the annual FortisBC Innovation Week about Xpansiv's digital-commodity platform, and how Digital Feedstock™ can help utilities address customer demand for transparent and sustainable energy production.

S&P Global Platts Digital Commodities Summit London – Part 2

London, UK | November 12-14, 2018

Jason will be addressing a global gathering dedicated to developing strategies for accelerating mainstream market adoption for blockchain, IoT, and AI. He'll reveal the way Xpansiv delivers Intelligent Commodities™, transforming markets with vital insights from source data to more accurately value commodities.

Venture Houston 2018

Houston, TX | November 8-9, 2018

Keith will be presenting Xpansiv's commodity-intelligence platform on the Innovator Showcase Panel, alongside other leading venture-backed and emerging businesses offering viable low-carbon solutions. He'll explain the limitless potential inherent in creating a common commodities ecosystem with Digital Feedstock™.

The New World of Energy: Carbon Management—Challenges and Opportunities

Menlo Park, CA | November 8, 2018

Jeff participated in a forum at the Churchill Club, Silicon Valley's premier independent thought leadership forum with the mission to encourage innovation, economic growth, and societal benefit. Speakers included representatives from New Energies Research and Technology at Shell, NRDC, Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford University, Opus 12, and the Energy Program at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Western Energy Institute

Los Angeles, CA | October 25, 2018

Peter presented the Xpansiv Intelligent Commodity™ value proposition to an audience of utility executives and other industry members of the Western Energy Institute. Of note was the value of Xpansiv's differentiated natural gas and RNG platforms' ability to provide upstream provenance and unparalleled transparency to discerning customers concerned about sustainability and emissions reporting.

Cleantech Group Executive Summit on Blockchain in Energy & Mobility

New York City | October 24, 2018

Jeff shared Xpansiv's revolutionary commodity-intelligence platform, describing how we leverage distributed-ledger technology to make commodities intelligent for the first time—permanently accountable to source data to enable more comprehensive valuations of global commodities. Jeff addressed energy and data companies, renewable and next-gen grid developers, blockchain technologists and consortia, and investment funds from North America, Europe, and Asia.