The Technology

Our Approach


Commodity producers have been challenged with operational inefficiency, lower financial gains, potential environmental risks, and unrealized value for markets.

We believe technology should enable business impacts. XPANSIV transforms untapped data using emerging technology such as distributed ledgers, blockchain, and machine learning algorithms to provide real-time digital representation of the commodity production lifecycle.


Digital Refinery

  • Real-time sensor data on the well
  • Increased visibility
  • Production optimization
  • Production analytics

The Process

  • Ingests multiple data sources
  • Machine learning
  • Customizable
  • Interchangeable attributing

The Result

  • Verifiable back to source
  • More accurate decision making
  • Real-time visualization of data
  • Operational forecasting

Digital Feedstock Enables Accuracy, Differentiation, & Liquidity

Digital Feedstock™ helps commodity producers unlock the hidden value from their operational data through enhanced visualization and analytics, business process optimization, product differentiation and access to new markets.