Xpansiv powers the Digital Commodity Ecosystem™

Digital Feedstock is the common file format propelling the digital migration of the commodity sector—radically collapsing timelines, expanding information access, improving accuracy, and ensuring transparency for all market participants.
  • • Transactions are digital
  • • Organizations are interconnected
  • • Data is accessible across the ecosystem

Digitization enables differentiation

Xpansiv ensures the market sees what is actually happening. When a commodity is produced, a digital representation of that production is created in real time: Digital Feedstock is a proprietary, standardized format that enables source production data to be structured, transacted, and referenced within a common network architecture. As a result, global markets can more accurately value commodities based on a wealth of vital information.


  • • Unprecedented clarity
  • • Real-time operational intelligence
  • • Quantifiable product differentiation

Digital Feedstock: Transactional digital asset

Accountable differentiation allows producers to realize full economic and environmental production value. Until now, it has been challenging to trace and value attributional information through a supply chain. Digital Feedstock solves this problem by generating immutable, verifiable data in an architecture where attributes can be traced and separately transacted.
Xpansiv has joined with CBL Markets to offer a new class of digital commodities. Energy buyers can now purchase specific sustainability features; e.g., certified low-methane production can be purchased separately from physical molecules, allowing buyers to procure physical volumes in an optimal manner, while demonstrating sustainability in their supply chains.