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Our mission is to transform the business of global commodities by creating new digital assets for an abundant and profitable future.

As we continue to expand our influence within the commodity space, we strive to incorporate a collaborative approach to make positive, global change. A social license to operate is essential to our efforts and we welcome all industry stakeholders to be a part of what we are building together.

Joe Madden
Jason Libersky
Sam Teplitsky
Jeff Cohen
VP Standard & Policy
Joshua Lederman
VP of Product
Trent Guest
VP of Finance
Sarah McGee
Director Internal Operations
Will Stewart
BOD Member
Kristan Ashbridge
Seattle Operations Manager
David Hayes
BOD Member
Steve Leishman
VP of Data & Computer Science
Joe Black
Software Engineer
Peter Schriber
VP Market Development Canada
John Melby
BOD Member
James Canton
Strategic Advisor
Rupal Jain
Senior Accounting Manager
Mark Campanale
Eamonn McCormick
Strategic Advisor
Michael Fuller, Ph.D.
Senior Data Scientist
Claudia Dieterich
Software & Data Engineer
Danielle Duran
Senior Data Scientist
Per Bergman
VP Technology
Carolyn Skellie
Senior Software Engineer
Cathy Mondloch-Seavey
NM Operations Manager
Leonora Sanchez-Rees
Software Engineer
Nate Blain
Software Engineer
Shihlin Lu
Software Engineer
Steven Hebert
Software Engineer
John Cochran
Senior Software Engineer
John Harger
Senior Software Engineer
Kim Keller
Software Engineer
Austin Welborn
Software Engineer
Shane Rowe
Senior Software Engineer
Keith Heimbold
Sr. Director Strategic Accounts & Program Manager
Tauni Berger
Director Strategic Engagements

Who We Are

Xpansiv is a collaboration of industry leaders and experts focused on improving the way commodities are produced, managed, and traded today.

While we strive to be the platform for all digital commodities, we promise to be trustworthy, transparent, and transformative; understanding that it’s not just Xpansiv and our customers that will bring in this new market era, but all who wish to participate.