Jason Libersky


Jason has built his career as a data scientist, computational physicist, analyst, and entrepreneur. Jason excels at combining data, analytics, and creativity to identify and find innovative and practical solutions to very complex problems, market gaps, and inefficiencies. Jason has worked for the national laboratories, research universities, and industry. Jason has supported the design, construction, and operations of both conventional and shale crude oil and natural gas well pad processing facilities and gathering systems and assisted in the development of innovative methane emissions mitigation technologies. Jason also has significant experience in the analysis and optimization of power generation.

Jason has also worked as a research scientist, modeler, and data analyst for New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology’s Institute for Complex Additive Systems Analysis, a computational physicist at Sandia National Laboratories, and also as a member of Sandia’s Advanced Concepts Group – a DOE think tank charged with developing technical solutions to the world’s most difficult threats to national and global security. Jason also participated on a panel convened by the National Research Council’s Division of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Education to focus on terrorist threats.

Jason’s work has been featured on PBS News Hours and NPR. He studied Physics and Biology at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, and Astrophysics and Religious Studies the University of New Mexico.​