Intelligent Commodities

Transforming markets from the source
We are the platform for Digital Commodities

All commodities are not created equal

Xpansiv is a commodity-intelligence platform. We help the market better understand itself by revealing vital insights from existing source data to more accurately value global commodities. We’re a bridge between production systems and global markets.

Enter the interconnected ecosystem. Xpansiv transforms energy-production information into Digital Feedstock™, a new, standardized format that combines data science, cryptography, and distributed-ledger technologies to securely track vital source data. For the first time, the way energy is produced and shipped will directly influence its value in the marketplace.
We take unrefined data from the source...
...and transform it into a unique attributional profile...
...resulting in a differentiated asset class of Digital Feedstock.

Monetize data. Quantify risk. Differentiate commodities.

Digital Feedstock is simply production data refined into real-time, actionable information about the physical characteristics and external risk factors for each and every unit of commodity production. This common system of intelligence enables the commodity sector to better quantify risk, drive liquidity, and differentiate products in the marketplace.