Transforming How Commodities Are Valued

We are the platform for Digital Commodities

We capture, structure and authenticate untapped data to guide the global ecosystem of commodity production, trade, and consumption.

We do so by combining diverse skill sets and deep domain expertise with creativity and design thinking to drive the digital migration of the commodity sector.

Our goal is to transform commodities markets into an engine of prosperity and abundance.

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Xpansiv Shapes Real Market Outcomes

Our platform drives accuracy, enables differentiation among commodities, and unlocks liquidity to deliver unprecedented opportunities and new insights.

We benefit businesses aiming to solve market demands with heightened levels of transparency for:

  • Operational efficiencies
  • Fluid compliance
  • Product differentiation

Our refined and extracted data processing creates an increased capacity to scale production with:

  • Unprecedented clarity
  • Real time operation insights
  • Optimized business processes

Our platform has immense ancillary benefits by creating significant global impacts such as:

  • New differentiated markets
  • Higher standards
  • Sustainable outcomes

How We Do It

We take unrefined data from the source...
Image extract and refine attributional profiles of the underlying commodity...
...resulting in a differentiated asset class of Digital Feedstock.
The future of production and trade will be determined by technology’s ability to extract, interpret, and translate data into tangible action.
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