We are the platform for Digital Commodities

All commodities are not created equal

The commodity industry has begun its digital migration—analog practices replaced with real-time insight. Xpansiv is powering this digital evolution with Digital Feedstock™, a new data format that provides markets with information that was invisible, until now.

Before Xpansiv, there was no way to value commodities based on context. Valuable production data was locked away, forcing market participants to act on limited information. But now Xpansiv has liberated all that data with a common system of intelligence.

Digital Feedstock powers a Digital Commodity Ecosystem, securely linking production systems and global markets with deeper data. We combine cryptography, data science, and distributed-ledger technologies to transform physical commodities into Intelligent Commodities, permanently linked to source data and secondary inputs as each commodity moves from creation to consumption.

We capture the data...
...and create a unique profile...
...to create Digital Feedstock.

Enter the Digital Commodity Ecosystem™

Digital Feedstock provides a complex marketplace with complete and timely information. The result is deeper analysis, improved efficiency, reduced risk, and smarter production. For the first time, it’s possible to purchase commodities according to a host of specific attributes, like flaring, fracking, CO2, gravity, sulfur, and land disturbance—to name a few.

Digital Feedstock delivers vital information to markets as raw materials are refined into new commodities and transferred all over the world. Now producers can leverage unique production data to create new value in products, and consumers can make sourcing decisions with unprecedented confidence.

With our growing list of global partners, Xpansiv is powering the transformation of a multi-trillion dollar marketplace. Our data-driven platform is changing the way commodities are valued forever—from well pad to stove top, from cornfield to plate.

Monetize data. Quantify risk. Differentiate superior products. The time has come for Intelligent Commodities.